Saved from Scandal

Saved from scandal…but ruined by love?

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Saved from scandal…but ruined by love?

Elizabeth Bennet is shocked when the unthinkable happens at the Netherfield ball. And no, she is not referring to proud, pompous Mr. Darcy asking her to dance—though that was a surprise, as was his fine dancing ability.

But when Elizabeth takes a moment to cool herself on the verandah outside, Mr. Wickham shocks her by crashing the party—and then attacking Elizabeth!

He’s madly intent to ruin her in front of her friends, family, and most especially Mr. Darcy. But when Darcy is the first to discover Elizabeth and Wickham in what appears to be a compromising position, the master of Pemberley shocks her and saves her—by claiming Elizabeth has promised to marry him!

Lizzy can’t be content with a forced marriage, even one that saves her and all the Bennets from scandal. But as she slowly grows to know Mr. Darcy, she realizes she’s in danger of losing her heart…

To a haunted man who can never love her back.

Gentle readers, please note that my past books have featured our dear couple in quite intimate scenes. This particular Pride and Prejudice variation focuses on the blooming love and emotional connection between Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennet. (Alright, and a few fiery confrontations!) But the newlyweds DO share heated, sensual moments, as well. Get ready for a deliciously scandalous adventure!