100 Ways to Love Darcy

Every bride is nervous before her wedding night… 
Isn’t she?

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Every bride is nervous on her wedding night…isn’t she?

Elizabeth and Darcy are married at last! But the young bride can’t help but wonder what, exactly, is in store for her in the marriage bed.

According to her mother and Jane, not anything good. The more experienced women order Lizzy to close her eyes, count to 100 (or 50, in Bingley’s case) and it will be over.

Mr. Darcy is horrified when he discovers this advice. He vows to teach Elizabeth a new way to count…

Unfortunately, it feels as if the universe is conspiring against them. A broken axle, an awful inn, thunderstorms and bickering valets and maids all interrupt the couple. Will Darcy ever be able to truly show Elizabeth how beautiful the union between a man and woman can be?

Though facing so many disasters does have its advantages. Elizabeth slowly opens to Darcy, until she is craving their union as much as he does.

But how many post-wedding disasters can one couple stand? Our dear couple is starting to lose count!

Hold on to your horses (literally, there’s a huge thunderstorm ahead), because this road to true love isn’t running smoothly! Can a sensual variation also be comic and sweet? Certainly! 100 Ways to Love Darcy is both a steamy and sweet Pride and Prejudice variation. In this intimate JAFF variation, Elizabeth and Darcy face countless mishaps on their way to a happily-ever-after. But Darcy is determined to show Elizabeth that his love is infinite. Enjoy the ride!