Mr. Darcy's Masterpiece

Mr. Darcy is a terrible painter. Thankfully, he excels in other areas…

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Mr. Darcy likes to think he is the authority in his world. 
But there’s one person in that world who makes him lose control: his new bride, Elizabeth.
Will he be able to give her the wedding night of her dreams?

Mr. Darcy is head-over-heels in love with his wife, Elizabeth.
He’s given her his heart.
He wants to give her the world.

But first he has to give her something else…on their wedding night.

Darcy doesn’t want to scare or intimidate his sweet bride. Then again, his Lizzy has always been up for a challenge…

Will Mr. Darcy be able to claim his wife? Will he lose control of his perfect demeanor?
Or perhaps…both at the same time?

My friends, some books have plots. Long, lovely, surprising and complicated plots. This novella is not one of them. Please be warned: this is a steamy variation that is literally just a besotted Mr. Darcy trying to give his Lizzy the best wedding night possible. And then there’s a painting scene. With a blazing fire. And a big…chair. And some unorthodox uses for paintbrushes.

That’s it. That’s the book. Because the real world has a lot going on. Sometimes you just want to settle in for the night with ODC and have Mr. Darcy rock Elizabeth’s world, while locking the real world out. If this calls to you, please enjoy this sweet but sensual Pride and Prejudice variation.